Jeff Johnson

Jeff is a recognised authority on the identification and geographic distribution of Indo-Pacific, Australian and particularly Queensland fishes.

Jeff Johnson

He started as a cadet in the Ichthyology Section of the Queensland Museum in 1977 and worked as assistant to the Curator of Fishes until 1995. Since that time he has continued to manage the fish collection, but also conducts independent and collaborative research on fishes.

He has described new genera and species of fishes of the families Acanthuridae (unicornfishes), Aploactinidae (velvetfishes), Haemulidae (sweetlips), Pinguipedidae (sand perches), Soleidae (soles), Tetrabrachiidae (anglerfishes) and Uranoscopidae (stargazers). Numerous chapters on fishes have also been written for popular books and guides. Jeff has participated in, or led, various research projects to survey fishes throughout Australia. The results of many of these projects are available as scientific reports, or regional checklists.

Information on all aspects of ichthyology is presented to the general public and scientific community, through response to inquiries, media interviews, reports, articles, identification guides and scientific papers. Jeff regularly assists researchers and students with identifications, project design and editing. He has wide experience in all methods of collecting and visually recording marine, estuarine and freshwater fishes and is an experienced scuba diver.

Jeff aims to improve knowledge and awareness of the amazing diversity of Australian fishes, providing information to enhance management and conservation outcomes.

Current research interests are the taxonomy of aploactinid, pinguipedid, soleid and tetrarogid fishes, biogeography of Australian marine fishes, and recruitment of fishes to artificial reefs.

Areas of expertise

Classification and distribution of Australian and Indo-Pacific fishes, curation and collection management of fishes, field collection of fishes, underwater visual recording of fish species.  


Synclidopus hogani, a new species of soleid fish from northeastern Queensland, Australia

Johnson, J.W. & Randall, J.E. 2008 04 30: Synclidopus hogani, a new species of soleid fish from northeastern Queensland, Australia. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 52(2): 245–254. Brisbane. ISSN 0079-8835.

Biological baseline survey of the ex-HMAS Brisbane artificial reef

Schlacher-Hoenlinger, M.A., Walker, S., Johnson, J., Schlacher, T. & Hooper, J.N.A. 2006 (published online 2009) Technical reports of the Queensland Museum No 001. ISBN 978-0-9805692-6-1. Written for: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Biological monitoring of the ex-HMAS Brisbane artifical reef: Phase II - Habitat values

Schlacher-Hoenlinger, M.A., Walker, S.J., Johnson, J., Schlacher, T., Hooper, J.N.A., Ekins, M., Banks, I.W., Sutcliffe, P.R. 2009. Technical Reports of the Queensland Museum Number 003. ISBN 978-0-9805692-8-5. Written for: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM).


Collection Manager, Ichthyology, Biodiversity Program


DipAppSci, Qld University of Technology

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