Totems: Yugambeh

Explore totems and custodial responsibility for animals and landscapes of the Yugambeh language area in country now known as Logan City, the Gold Coast and the Scenic Rim. ~ HASS: ECONOMICS (Year 5 ACHASSK120) Types of resources (natural, human, capital) and the ways societies use them to satisfy the needs and wants of present and future generations ~ GEOGRAPHY (Year 8 ACHGK049) Spiritual, aesthetic and cultural value of landscapes and landforms for people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples ~ HISTORY (Year 4 ACHASSK083) The diversity of Australia's first peoples and the long and continuous connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to Country/Place (land, sea, waterways and skies) | (Year 5 ACHASSK107) The nature of convict or colonial presence, including the factors that influenced patterns of development, aspects of the daily life of the inhabitants (including Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples) and how the environment changed

Totems: Yugambeh


  • Echidna: (Buneen), Short-beaked + cover
  • Egg: Eagle, Wedge-tailed (Mibunn) + cover
  • Egg: Pelican (Chungarra) + cover
  • Shell: Turtle (Pinjin), Snake-necked, Eastern + cover
  • Willy Wagtail: (Jingeri Jingeri) & Nest & Egg + cover


  • Egg Mass: Snake, Python, Carpet (Kabul) + cover

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68 x 45 x 33 cm
10 kg
Kit - Resource (box)