Traditional Food, Torres Strait Islands

Explore how traditional food varies with the seasons in the Torres Strait Islands. ~ HASS: GEOGRAPHY (Year 1 ACHASSK032) The weather and seasons of places and the ways in which different cultural groups, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, describe them | (Year 1 ACHASSK033) Activities in the local place and reasons for their location | (Year 2 ACHASSK049) The ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples maintain special connections to particular Country/Place ~ HASS: HISTORY (Year 1 ACHASSK029) How the present, past and future are signified by terms indicating time, as well as by dates and changes that may have personal significance, such as birthdays, celebrations and seasons ~ SCIENCE: EARTH AND SPACE (Prep ACSSU004) Daily and seasonal changes in our environment, including the weather, affect everyday life | (Year 1 ACSSU019) Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape | (Year 2 ACSSU032) Earth’s resources are used in a variety of ways ~ EARLY YEARS: Diversity | Environments

Traditional Food, Torres Strait Islands


  • Bone: Leg, Turtle, Green (Waru) + box
  • Crab: Mud (Githalay) + cover
  • Pod: Bean, Matchbox (Kalup) + box
  • Pod: Mangrove, Red (Biw)
  • Pod: Sea Almond (Mekay)
  • Shell: Bivalve, Clam, Fluted, Giant (Mi) (x pair) + box
  • Shell: Bivalve, Mussel (Akul) + box
  • Shell: Bivalve, Oyster, Pearl, Blacklip (May) (x pair)
  • Shell: Gastropod, Baler (Alup) + box
  • Tusk: Pig (Burum)

Printed Resources

  • Islands of the Torres Strait: Map

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11 kg
Kit - Resource (box)