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Dog whelks - vultures of the snail world

Scavenging the marine environment, dog whelk style

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  • Fast food for a hungry snake

    February 2018

    A chance encounter between two reptile predators was a stroke of luck for one but ended vary badly for the other. It is indeed fortunate that this rarely seen spectacle was actually filmed.

    With their slender bodies and large eyes, Lesser Black Whip Snakes are extremely swift, keen-eyed predators. Burton’s Snake-lizards prefer to catch their prey by ambush. When the two met, the larger and more powerful whip snake made an easy meal of the legless lizard.

  • That’s not cricket

    January 2018

    Eddie Gilbert’s boomerang is no longer on display. Like all good boomerangs will it come back? 

  • Alate arrival

    December 2017

    Lots of these insects flew into our home last night. This morning I found many of them dead and without their wings. We are worried that they are termites. Are they?

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