Welcome to INVENTory

INVENTory is an active, hands-on space offering scheduled activities at a variety of times throughout the year.

Easily transformed and adapted for a wide range of activities, INVENTory invites you to have a deeper look at what’s around you and, instead of just throwing it out, repurpose it in a creative way. It’s about making things out of the everyday pieces to create your own Museum experience.

Using themes from Museum collections and exhibitions, INVENTory shows that recycled and sustainable materials offer a huge range of possibilities to imagine and invent with unexpected results.

Find details of the latest events & activities planned for INVENTory in our events & activities pages.

Past events

Thank you to our 8 thousand INVENTory visitors who enjoyed Prehistoric Studio throughout 2015.


Event Details

Level 4 INVENTory

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