Parasites: Life Undercover

Undetected, undesired, yet unexcelled. Masters of a hidden universe - parasites are champions in evolutionary terms. Parasites: Life Undercover exhibition takes visitors into their incredible microcosm, evoking both fascination and revulsion. Come face to face with a giant mosquito, get up close to more than 50 original parasite specimens and take a look at how a parasite-host relationship works with over 30 displays.

Parasites: Life Undercover was developed by the Museum of Natural History Berlin Germany with support of Bayer HealthCare Animal Health and the Australian Society of Parasitology.

Gula Guri mayin by Cairns artist Bernard Lee Singleton will feature in the exhibition.

Level 2, free entry.

Event Details

10 August 2016 - 29 January 2017
Level 2 Exhibition Space

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