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NOTE: This exhibition ran from 27 March to 5 October and has now ended.

Dinosaur Discovery Schools and GroupsWhat you need to know to when plan your group or school visit to Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous.

Groups are comprised of 10+ persons viewing the exhibition together. All Group visits are managed with Priority Admission tickets to a scheduled time.
For more group visit information, Learning Programs and resources, see below.

Take a step back in time to experience life on earth 145 million years ago, get up close with these titans of the Cretaceous, experience how they moved, roared, gnashed and bellowed. Explore the sights, sounds and size of over 20 magnificent dinosaurs in this immersive, multisensory exhibition which will showcase how a modern day museum can reconstruct the past from fossil to fantastic. 

Queensland Museum is the first destination of this international tour from Western Australian Museum.
Exhibition available from late Term 1 to Term 3 inclusive.

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The Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous exhibition is a ticketed experience.
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On the day of your exhibition visit, you may wish to include other exhibitions or programs within the Museum and/or Sciencentre.

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Learning Resources

This exhibition is complemented with a downloadable Teacher Resource (2283 KB) pdf document icon. This offers some Australian Curriculum Links and activities to extend learning in the classroom.
Please note: This document was produced for Western Australian Museum, so some content is not relevant to the exhibition season at Queensland Museum

Queensland Museum can also offer a range of supporting resources to use in the classroom. Suggestions include: