Collector information

Would you like to get in touch with one of the exhibition's featured collectors about their collection? You can contact them using the details below.

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Collector contact information

Darren Hayes collection

Arnotts Tins

Drink Tray collection

Prosthetic legs from Spare Parts exhibition

Regent Theatre

Tolkien Collector

Protest placards

The Big Pineapple Collection

A Clockwork Orange & Living Dead Dolls

Pie Funnel Collector 

Egg beaters

Wooden Rulers

Washing Machines

Medical Paraphernalia

Miniature Pianos

Tonka toys

Teapot Collection

Retro TVs

Number Plates

Doll Collector

Beagle Collection

Ansett Aircraft Collection

Pepsi Collection

Tilt Pen Collection

Fingernail Collection

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