Symbols of Australia

Symbols of Australia explores the diverse range of national symbols that define and represent Australia’s national identity. The exhibition will be on display at the Queensland Museum South Bank from 4 December 2010 – 27 February 2011.

National symbols help define and represent national identity but their meanings can vary depending on context and point of view. Some national symbols endure, others fade and new symbols develop as attitudes and values change.

The exhibition explores ten of the symbols Australians have chosen to represent themselves, drawing from the collections of the National Museum of Australia.

The exhibition presents stories surrounding ten symbolic themes through more than 40 objects, informative text panels and engaging multimedia. Symbols explored as part of the exhibition include the kangaroo, wattle and the boomerang.

Learning Resources

The Symbols of Australia exhibition explores some of the symbols Australians have chosen to represent themselves and their nation. Explore Symbols of Australia with education resources from the National Museum of Australia, including background information, facts about the Australian symbols, and website resources.

Symbols of Australia is on loan from the National Museum of Australia. This exhibition is supported by the National Collecting Institutions Touring and Outreach Program, an Australian Government program aiming to improve access to the national collections for all Australians.


Event Details

04 December 2010 - 27 February 2011
Queensland Museum South Bank