Learning resources for The Last Days of Burke & Wills

The Last Days of Burke & Wills exhibition provides a unique opportunity for students to explore one of Australia’s best known and ill-fated journeys of exploration.

The exhibition is arranged in five subthemes:

  1. Chronology
  2. Isolation vs. Connection
  3. Alienation vs. Belonging
  4. Starvation
  5. Archeology

During a visit students will develop an understanding of;

  • The Burke and Wills expedition, focussing on their attitudes to the Australian landscape and how these attitudes differed from those of Aboriginal people. 
  • The importance of the findings from the ‘Plant Camp’ archaeological excavations.
  • The contrast between the Burke and Will’s sense of isolation and alienation which the country and its people engendered and the Aboriginal perspective, as explored through the material culture of the Mithaka people, which demonstrates a sense of belonging and connectedness to the land.

View Teacher Notes for The Last Days of Burke & Wills (68 KB) pdf document icon to see suggested Activities for before, during and after your visit to the exhibition.

Visiting as a group

  • Entry to this exhibition is FREE.
  • Student preparation prior to entry is recommended. Please view Teacher Notes.
  • Please enter in small groups, as the exhibition is quite compact.

Queensland Curriculum Links

This exhibition support components of the Queensland Curriculum Essential Learnings in a number of ways.

  • The suggested before, during and after visit activities listed in this document follow a number of strategies to engage students in the Ways of Working component of the Essential Learnings.
  • Below are listed the organisers within the Knowledge and Understanding components of the Essential Learnings that relate to the exhibition.

Essential Learnings

Year 5 SOSE

  • Time, continuity and change
    Changes and continuities are represented by events and people’s contributions, and are viewed differently by different people.
  • Culture and identity
    Communities contain cultures and groups that contribute to diversity and influence cohesion.

Year 7 SOSE

  • Time, continuity and change
    Changes and continuities are linked to particular events and the achievements of individuals and groups that attract different interpretations.
  • Culture and identity
    Cultures and identities consist of material and non-material elements and are affected by cross-cultural contacts.