Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring?

- All sleeping equipment i.e. camping mat, sleeping bag, pillow, comfortable sleeping clothes (compulsory)
- Headlights (preferred) or torch
- Tooth brush, toiletries (no shower facilities available)
- Ear plugs (optional)
Please note that the Museum is unable to store personal belongings. Please refrain from bringing unnecessary valuables with you and please keep your valuables with you at all times.

What is the program of events?

- Performances
- Dinner and trivia
- Torch Light tours, wildlife show and cartoon wildlife sketching
- Ice cream and a PG movie
- Sciencentre and Mathamazing exhibition

What does the museum supply?

In addition to a fun-filled program of activity QM will provide specialist staff to inform, entertain and ensure all guests have a safe night.

What is the movie?

A PG movie will be played from 9pm in our Theatre.

What time is bedtime?

Everyone retires to bed at 10.30pm.

Can my child go to bed early if they are tired?

Yes, however, this will only be possible from 8:30 PM and you will need to stay with your child. Please let staff know if any of your party get sick/hurt and need to leave the Museum early.

Can adults bring alcohol?

No. We do not allow guests to bring alcohol into the Museum. The Museum is a licensed venue, adults will be able to purchase beer or glass of wine at dinner through the café.

Can I bring electrical devices i.e. ipods/ipads?

We encourage parents not to bring any valuable devices and do not encourage these to be used throughout the night especially in Wild State.

Can I take photos?

Guests are permitted to take photos throughout the evening.

Can younger or older siblings attend?

No. The program is not suited to children under 5 years of age. The activities planned suit kids over 5 years and we don’t want other families disturbed at bedtime or during the night with younger children under 5 who may not be comfortable in the space.

Do I need to stay with my child for the whole program?

Yes. Parental or adult supervision is required at all times. We insist on a 1 adult to maximum of 3 kids ratio.

What types of food will be served at the sleepover?

The menu is still being finalised with our in-house catering team. Please let us know in the booking form if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies and we will try and accommodate.

Can we bring our own food and beverages into the Museum?

The Museum is a licensed venue. No food or alcohol can be brought onto the premises. Guests may bring a water bottle. We will be catering for dinner and breakfast so there should be no need to bring food/drink unless you have specific dietary requirements that we cannot cater for. If you think you will need extra small snacks then you are welcome to pack these and eat them in the cafe, but they cannot be consumed in the exhibition spaces or the Wild State gallery where guests will be sleeping.

Where do we sleep?

Guests sleep in the Wild State on Level 4. Guests are required to bring all bedding and sleeping mat.


Museum parking is $16 for this event.