Creative Lab 2016

21st Century Learning / 14 - 15 October 2016

Creative Lab teacher professional development program helps teachers to guide their students into an innovative future. During the day and a half workshop experts guided delegates through new, engaging strategies using creative teaching methodologies to teach STEM subjects.
Delegates enjoyed and get the chance to interact with STEM professionals and, unlike other PD programs, had access to Queensland Museum treasures and research, integrated with Australian curriculum-based activities. 

Creative Lab is designed to increase confidence in teaching STEM in the classroom and help increase your students’ participation and performance in STEM subjects. Experiences offered encourage the explore creative solutions to everyday problems.

Presenting Partner: Shell/QGC through the  Creative Lab is brought to you in collaboration with Step Up and supported by QGC's Future Makers project. 

In collaboration with: University of Queensland, Step Up, Engineers Without Borders, CSIRO

What teachers said about Creative Lab (Oct, 2016):

  • ... SO good to have world-class presenters and a real-world experience of how we would work with students in a highly productive manner.
  • The presenters were excellent and engaging as were the activities.
  • I now have more ideas about how to start inquiry based learning in my classroom
  • …Interaction was also really good in the workshops where we got to participate and see how the different techniques could be applied in the classroom
  • Creative Lab had very strong and relevant links to the Australian Curriculum.

Event Details

14 October 2016 08:30 AM - 15 October 2016
Level 1 Theatre

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