Hands-on Science

Science Busking

The Young Scientists of Australia, Brisbane Chapter will don their lab coats and set about sparking your curiosity for science. These street performing scientists will entertain you with tricky experiments; explaining complicated ideas through simple hands-on science. Be invited to try out some simple science for yourself and explore friction, pressure, cyclones, unusual fluids, science magic and mind bending science. Use these tricky science skills to wow your friends and family.

Whilst playing with science, students can have conversations with these young scientists to explore how they can get involved in science and possible science careers.
Dates & times: Fri 12 Aug, 11am - 4pm
Mon 15, Wed 17 & Fri 19 Aug, 10am - 3pm

Location: Level 2

Cost: Free

Bookings: No bookings required for this activity. Schools and groups visiting Queensland Museum & Sciencentre please book by emailing education@qm.qld.gov.au

About Young Scientists of Australia, Brisbane Chapter 

Promoting science to the youth of Australia.

Young Scientists of Australia (YSA) is a group of young people aged 15-25 who share a great interest in and enthusiasm for science. They are dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly environment to all their members to help promote science to the youth of Australia.

YSA actively engages with Australia’s young population through training their members in science communication assisting them to present at YSA demonstrations and workshops. 

Event Details

12 August 2016 11:00 AM - 19 August 2016 03:00 PM
Level 2 Exhibition Space