The Medieval Woman

 Join us we unearth the medieval truths in our talks series and hands-on demonstrations. Meet our experts and enthusiasts as they shed some light on the Dark Ages. Discover the Heroes and Monsters that influence cosplay and other forms of today's pop culture.

Free Talks

Saturday 13 February & Sunday 14 February 2016
Between Linen Sheets – The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women (15+)

Talks: 12:30pm - 1:30pm. Theatre, Level 2
In today’s world, we are exposed to sex and sexuality, daily – through advertising, entertainment, media and a modern awareness of health and wellbeing. The world of the medieval woman was very different. How was she informed or who could be consulted for reliable advice on matters of sexual health, producing heirs and contraception? Living Historian Rosalie Gilbert takes a candid and very revealing look at this very private subject and explores not only what your mother didn’t tell you, but what every medieval woman needed to know!
Please note: Adult themes (recommended 15+)

Speaker: Rosalie Gilbert

Free Demonstrations

Saturday 13 February 2016
The gentle arts of the Medieval woman
Demonstrations: 11:00am - 12:00pm & 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Suitable for all ages
INVENTory, Level 4

Enjoy demonstrations of spinning, needlework, illumination and jewellery-making
Chat with Tania, Nina and Angela and Margot about their passion and the history behind their creations.
Demonstrations and interpretations of
• Illumination (manuscript decoration)
• Tapestry (referencing the Bayeux Tapestry style).
• Drop spindle spinning
• Goldsmithing

Sunday 14 February 2016
So you think you can Medieval Dance? Presented by Company of the Phoenix.

Demonstrations: 11am - 12pm & 2pm – 3pm
Suitable for all ages
Whale Mall, Level 2
Have you got the moves? Visitors are invited to watch, learn and join in as Company of the Phoenix take you through basic dance steps, manners and traditions. Phoenix members recreate the 15th century way of life and enjoy feasting, dancing, leisurely pursuits, and travelling the Tourney Circuit.

Image credit from top: Image courtesy of Rosalie Gilbert, portrait of Rosalie Gilbert courtesy of David De Groot, Original artwork by Tania Crossingham, 'Virgin & Unicorn' & portrait of artist Tania Crossingham.


Event Details

13 February 2016 - 14 February 2016
Level 2 Foyer

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