Medieval Fashion

This weekend explores medieval fashion through modelled recreations, artefacts and manuscripts.
Throughout the ages, clothing and the way clothes are worn can reveal a person’s identity – providing clues to profession, culture and status.
In the Middle Ages, clothing was integral to signifying one's place in the world. Medieval people were attuned to "reading" the meaning of fashion.

Free Talks

Saturday 27 February

In pursuit of Beauty: Body Image and Cosmetics in the Middle Ages
Medieval people never washed? Why then, do we have hundreds of surviving recipes for soaps, lotions, deodorants, breath fresheners, perfumes and cosmetics? Medieval people were just as obsessed with physical beauty as modern society – though “what’s hot and what’s not” and how to achieve that look may raise a few (well-plucked) eyebrows!
Speakers: Damien Fegan and Rosalie Gilbert
Time: 12.30pm. Level 2, Theatre. Free, spaces limited. 

Sunday 28 February

A Mirror on Medieval Fashion
This talk and living fashion parade examines the evolution of Medieval fashion from late antiquity to high gothic. Not a ‘princess hat’ or hessian sack in sight!
Speaker: Damien Fegan
Time: 12.30pm. Level 2, Theatre. Free, spaces limited.

Free Demonstrations

Saturday 27 February

Velvet Timeline
Demonstrations showcase a range of costumes and how they are constructed and worn. Compare the fashions from different places, times and social standing of men and women.
Times: 11am & 2pm, Level 4, INVENTory. Free, drop-in session.

Sunday 28 February

Back Stage and Back in Time
See fashion in action through Medieval textiles, trinkets and timelines.
Morning visitors can view and chat with re-enactors about dressing, hair styling and head decoration ahead of their modelling for the theatre talk at 12:30pm.
Time: 11am, Level 4, INVENTory. Free, drop-in session.

History in Hats, Hair and Haberdashery
Chantal Davies shows visitors a range of styling  and grooming  from the Middle Ages.
Other costumed re-enactors will show you a range of fashion accessories and outfits.
Time: 2pm, Level 4, INVENTory. Free, drop-in session.

Image: Maria Portinari by Hans Memling c1470 (Metropolitan Museum)


Event Details

27 February 2016 - 28 February 2016

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