Shifting Gears: Does Cycling in Australia have a Future?

So what’s with all the hullabaloo about cycling lately? Why can’t cars and bikes just share the road? Are more people riding these days or am I just seeing the same hipster on his fixie?

Pedal Brisbane would like you to join the discussion of these and many other questions about our nation’s relationship with the bike. On Friday 28th November Radio National’s Paul Barclay is hosting a conversation about cycling culture entitled ‘Shifting Gears. Does Cycling in Australia have a Future?’ Come along to hear predictions about cycling culture in Australia as the panel discusses their informed views on bike riding. It will be a night of inspiration, agitation and entertainment followed by audience Q&A.


Date:  Friday 28 November 2014

Time:  5.30pm to 8.00pm

Venue:  Queensland Museum, Theatre, Level 2

Tickets:  $10.00 PURCHASE TICKETS

We welcome the following panellists: 

Paul Barclay – Host of Big Ideas

Michael Roth - RACQ Executive Manager - brings international insight to the discussion having recently participated in the Dutch Cycling Embassy's study tour of the Netherlands where he met with city planners, politicians and cycling experts to learn about the country's famed two-wheeled culture. 

Jai Christiansen created the Facebook page 'Drivers for Registration of Bicycles' following the implementation of Queensland's most recent cycling laws as he feel motorists are losing their right to be heard in the heated car vs. bike debate. 

Phil Heywood - Adjunct Associate Professor of Urban Planning at QUT - is a committed cyclist as he believes it is the most enjoyable, efficient and socially-responsible way of transporting oneself. He is concerned that the escalating divergence between sports and transport cyclists and motorists is detrimental to the normalisation and celebration of cycling.

Edward Hore - President and founder of cycling advocacy organisation Cycle seeks to gather together the disparate voices of the cycling communities each vying for political attention across Australia. He works at the social media coal face to engage directly with individuals, business and governing bodies.

Industry guests include Councillor for the Gabba Ward, Helen Abrahams, Director of Cycling at DTMR Adam Rogers, and author of Cycle Space Steven Fleming. 

Event Details

28 November 2014, 05:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Theatre, Level 2