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National Science Week Event 


Witness the great debate of the young science minds of the Queensland Academies and the QM&S Scientists as they challenge the role and impact science will have on the globe, and the keys to our survival. What is the science of the future?


About Queensland Academies

The Queensland Academies are state schools for dynamic students in Years 10 to 12. They are located across three campuses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia. 

Creative Industries Campus, Health Science Campus, Science, Mathematics & Technology Campus

The Academies offer a bridge between high school and tertiary study, and are designed to maximise the potential of bright students and prepare them for university.

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Curriculum Links STRAND: Science as a Human Endeavour, STRAND: Science Inquiry Skills



Activity Details

Tuesday 19 August 2014

10am – 11am

Theatre, Level 2

Group bookings essential > BOOK ONLINE

Pre-booking is essential for groups of 5 or more due to capacity restrictions in the Theatre.
To book your group, please book online, or contact our Education Bookings Officer on (07) 3840 7608 or  


Suitable for High School, Tertiary, Science Enthusiasts & Professionals



QM Scientists

Dr Jessica Worthington Wilmer is Research Fellow and Manager of the Molecular Identities Laboratory. She is a molecular geneticist and evolutionary biologist, and will talk about the increasing awareness of the role that physics especially mechanical force and even other previously unimagined factors plays in influencing gene expression and other cellular activities.

Dr John Hooper is Head of the Natural Environments Progam. He is a marine biologist who works on biodiversity, biogeography and taxonomy/ systematics of sessile marine invertebrates (animals that live on the seabed), and their chemical and pharmacological potential (“From Seabed to Sickbed”). He will talk about the pivotal role that chemistry has on the biology (“bioactivity”), which operates at the cellular level, and which ultimately impacts on the whole organism. Our understanding of biology is underpinned by the chemistry inside and surrounding the outside of the whole organism. The cross-over between the two disciplines is inseparable and gave rise to “biochemistry” as a major discipline in the mid 20th century – and now rise of the ‘omics such as metabolomics and proteomics being amalgams of chemistry, molecular genetics, cellular biology and whole organism physiology.

Dr Robert Raven is Head of Terrestrial Environments, and international spider taxonomist. Rob will provide some macro-real world/whole animal examples of how cross pollination among the sciences lead to major leaps forward in our knowledge. These include fauna and flora distributions formed major evidence to support the theory of continental drift (plate tectonics) and how tensile force is the key ingredient in turning spider silk from a liquid to a solid.



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Event Details

19 August 2014
Theatre, Level 2
Free - group bookings essential

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