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National Science Week Event 


From the Gallery to the Laboratory, experience the irresistible desire to explore the deep with Café Scientifique: Underwater Wanderlust.

Explore the Underwater Wanderlust art exhibition, featuring over 15 local artists. Travel through live deep sea music, come up close with our upcycled headdresses, get caught in the digital deep sea Polaroid booth and keep an eye out for the passionate sounds of our Science Soap Box.

With features from the talented students from Queensland Academies including Carbon Copies, Queensland Museum Scientists, Local artists and crusader Noah and his Coloured Fish there is no other Science/Art mash up quite like this Café Scientifique.

Photo Credit: Model: Kathleen Watt, Artist: Jen Henzel, Photographer: Hannah Roche, Stylist:Bethany Watt

This Café Scientifique event is proudly supported by Inspiring Australia for  National Science Week .


Event Details

Friday 22 August 2014

5.30pm – 8.30pm

Collectors Café, Queensland Museum 

Tickets are essential for Students and Adults.
STUDENTS Free - Student ID required on entry

Meet our Scientists - Soap Box Science

Dr Christine Lambkin
Curator of Entomology - Insects
My main research interest is the systematics, evolution, taxonomy, and biodiversity of Diptera, specialising in combined molecular and morphological phylogenetic analyses and monographic revisions of beeflies (Bombyliidae) and stiletto flies (Therevidae).

I am currently working on monographic revisions of Australian stiletto flies and also estimating the divergence times of radiations in the Australian stiletto flies. I’ve recently published an analysis of the first morphological character set and matrix for fly families through the collaborative FLYTREE, Assembling the Dipteran Tree of Life project.

I am also involved in the Backyard Explorer program, that advises the community, teachers, and school students how to assess their biodiversity and understand their environment using insects.


Dr Merrick Ekins
Collection Manager of Sessile Marine Invertebrates
I am responsible for the storage, transport and maintenance of over 50 000 specimens; including field surveys to remote locations including Torres Straits and the Great Barrier Reef; professional and public liaison including presentations to diverse audiences; database maintenance, interrogation, data analysis and research.

Currently my research interests are in population genetics of litistid sponges from deep sea mounts off New Caledonia and Guaiagorgia species of Moreton Bay.

I also conduct a wide range of field surveys all over Australia, assisting with the collection of marine life on scuba and boating surveys.

Dr Jessica Worthington Wilmer
Research Fellow and Molecular Identities Lab Manager
While at the Queensland Museum I have been involved in a number of very interesting projects which are diverse both in terms of the scientific questions being asked and the animal groups on which those questions are focused.

Two of my current research projects are the biogeography of Australian ringtailed geckos (collaborating with the Museum’s reptile specialists,) and the landscape genetics (genetic diversity, population structure, migration and gene flow) of small mammals (koalas, sugar and squirrel gliders and yellow-footed antechinus) in southeast Queensland (collaborating with University of Queensland, EPA Queensland and four SEQ super councils).


More Info
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Event Details

22 August 2014
Collectors Café, Queensland Museum & Sciencentre
Adults (18+) $10 Studnets FREE Bookings essential

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