Australian Synchrotron

National Science Week Event 

 Institute for Molecular Bioscience
In a live-link demonstration to the Melbourne based Australian Synchrotron, experience how this technology assists researchers to investigate the sub-microscopic secrets of materials.

Researchers from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience located at UQ will use their allocated beamtime to investigate materials and discuss their findings. This demonstration will be the first public offering in Queensland and is bound to engage all audiences.

What is a Synchrotron?
A synchrotron is a massive circular building that sends electrons racing around at almost the speed of light. Using magnetic fields researchers can then harness radiation millions of times brighter than the sun, from infrared light to X-rays. Using synchrotron light reveals the structures of chemicals and biological molecules at a resolution of single atoms, allowing scientists to do anything from materials engineering to designing new drugs.

Find out more on the Australian Synchrotron
The Australian Synchrotron is a source of highly intense light ranging from infrared to hard x-rays used for a wide variety of research purposes.

Officially opened in July 2007, the Australian Synchrotron is one of fewer than 40 similar facilities around the world. It is the largest stand-alone piece of scientific infrastructure in the southern hemisphere.

Curriculum Links STRAND: Science Understanding, SUB-STRAND: Physical sciences, STRAND: Science as a Human Endeavour


Activity Details

Thursday 21 August 2014

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Theatre, Level 2

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Suitable for High School, Tertiary, Science Enthusiasts & Professionals


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Event Details

21 August 2014
Theatre, Level 2

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