Photography Exhibition: Crystallography in Everyday Life

Celebrate the marvels of Crystallography in the places, objects and experiences of everyday life as part of the UNESCO International Year of Crystallography.

This exhibition, part of the worldwide festivities for the UNESCO 2014 International Year of Crystallography, highlights 15 stunning images selected from over 130 entries worldwide that celebrate the wonder of crystallography, symmetry and crystals as symbolised in the places, objects and experiences of everyday life.

Crystallography is the science that deals with the structure of matter. It relies on crystals, a type of solid material made of atoms that are organised into a repeating three-dimensional pattern. This symmetry inherent in the science of crystallography is mirrored in many artistic endeavours, from ceramics to architecture to calligraphy.

By revealing the inner secrets of biological, chemical and other materials, crystallography has led to incredible developments since it was first applied about 100 years ago. From smartphones we use to communicate, and medicines developed to treat disease to recipes devised to make the best-tasting chocolate, and the analysis of Martian soil samples by the Curiosity Rover are all dependent on crystallography.

More information can be found at the National Committee for Crystallography.

View the exhibition at the Collectors Café, Queensland Museum & Sciencentre from 2 June 2014 to 27 June 2014.



Event Details

02 June 2014 - 27 June 2014
Collectors Café, Queensland Museum & Sciencentre

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