National Science Week - Meet the Curator

Dr Rob Adlard sheds light on the world of parasites on Monday 13 August Susan Wright, Collection Manager, Entomology, reveals beauty in the miniature world on Tuesday 14 AugustMeet our Biodiversity Curators during Science Week to learn about the amazing animals they collect and study. Discover the secrets of taxidermy and parasites, brush turkeys and giant insects. Share your own stories and experiences.

Sunday 12 August

DNA sexing solves brush turkey breeding mystery
Dr Jessica Worthington Wilmer, Molecular Identities Lab Manager, shares the story of how DNA sexing has helped solve a mystery concerning these local birds.

Monday 13 August

Parasites – love them or hate them, they are a reality of life
At least 50% of all life on earth is parasitic. Join Dr Rob Adlard, Head of Marine Zoology & Senior Curator of Parasitology, to learn more about these organisms that ‘dine at another’s table’ and their hosts.

Tuesday 14 August

Giant and Miniature Insects
Susan Wright, Collection Manager, Entomology, shows you how to use a microscope to see the beauty in the miniature world. Find out which species you are likely to see and learn about their weird and wonderful ways.

Thursday 16 August

Reptiles in Your Backyard
Dr Andrew Amey Collection Manager, Terrestrial Environments (Herpetology) Natural Environments Program & Patrick Couper, Curator, Terrestrial Environment (Reptiles & Amphibians), will showcase the many and varied turtles, lizards and snakes that can be found in Brisbane backyards

Friday 17 August

Getting Stuffed
Heather Janetzki –- Biodiversity Collection Manager and Research Assistant demonstrates how an animal specimen is transformed through taxidermy into a study skin for the research collection. Learn how study skins differ from display animals and how they are used by researchers, artists and the general public.

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Event Details

12 August 2012 - 17 August 2012
Discovery Centre, Level 3