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Meet a modern day embalmer

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Meet Melissa Short, Chief Scientific Officer of the Gross Anatomy Facility at the University of Queensland as she talks about working in Death Care for more than 14 years. Join Melissa as she reflects on caring for the dead every day and explore how she became an embalmer. Find out how the process takes place as part of modern funeral processes and get an insider’s view of the Anatomy department at the University of Queensland, discovering what the Anatomy Facility really looks like and how students learn from the Donors.

The Anatomy Facility comprises a large dissection laboratory, an embalming suite, prosectory laboratory, cadaver storage area and several private tutorial rooms. The facility provides anatomical resources for students of health, medicine and science education, in an environment conducive to mastering this most demanding subject.

About the speaker

Chief Scientific Officer, Gross Anatomy Facility, University of Queensland

Melissa manages and organises day-to-day tasks within the Gross Anatomy Facility, supervising and coordinating embalming and ensuring the effective delivery of teaching classes and workshops in the Facility. She also provides administrative and technical support to ensure the efficient operation of the Facility and the Body Donor Program.

Students at the Gross Anatomy Facility, University of Queensland

Event Details

14 July 2012, 01:00 PM
Theatre, Level 2, Queensland Museum & Sciencentre

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