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Objects from the Queensland Museum Ancient Egypt collection Object from QM Ancient Egypt collection

Ancient Egypt: The Queensland Museum Collection

Exhibition Floor Talk

The Queensland Museum has a small, but very significant collection of objects from ancient Egypt, collected, donated or exchanged over the past 109 years. From pots to papyrus, recent research is providing new insights into Ancient Egyptian society – through the prism of time. Join the curators of the exhibition as they explore this amazing collection, including the recent discovery of missing pieces of a famous Book of the Dead at the museum.

This program is part of our ongoing series of exhibition floor talks for Our Story Your Story.

About the Speakers

Dr Brit Asmussen is the Curator of Archaeology, in the Cultural Environments section at the Queensland Museum, Southbank. Brit has been involved in a number of archaeological research projects investigating the relationships between past climatic change, technological and subsistence strategies and landscape use in Eastern Australia over the last 10 000 years

Dr John Healy is a Curator of Marine Biodiversity at the Queensland Museum but also has a strong interest in Ancient Egypt and assisted with preparation of the Queensland Museum Egyptian antiquities display, particularly from the zoological perspective.


Event Details

12 July 2012, 11:30 AM
Ancient Egypt: The Queensland Museum Collection exhibition, level 2