Mummify: DIY

Tuesday 26 – Wednesday 27 June & Tuesday 3 – Wednesday 4 July
10am, 11:15am, 1pm, 2:15pm
Theatre, Level 2

This is not your average mummification ceremony in a grand temple with qualified embalmers. This Do It Yourself mummification fast forwards 70 days of embalming into 45 minutes of afterlife antics.

If you dare, we welcome you to take part in this ancient ritual. Will you be the embalmer in guard of the canopic jars, the priest with protective amulets, or will you have the tools for removing the bodily organs?

Watch out or you might be the one to be mummified!

Mummify: DIY presented by The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology in association with Queensland Museum & Sciencentre.


Workshop open only to children aged 9-14yrs.
Tickets from $8 - BOOK NOW
Tickets can be purchased through Foxtix or at Queensland Museum Level 2. Places are limited.
Accompanying adults are free of charge and do not require a ticket. Adults are encouraged to accompany children as audience members.
Please be advised that children 8 years and under will not be able to participate in this workshop and tickets should not be purchased for this age.
This interactive experience is limited to 30 children per workshop.

Event Details

26 June 2012 - 04 July 2012
Theatre, Level 2, Queensland Museum & Sciencentre
Tickets from $8 for chn 9 - 14 yrs.

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