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Monstrous mummies at the movies

Feature Presentation

Like an image from your nightmares they will kill men and steal women for their own hidden purposes. At least that’s what movie makers want us to believe. Mummies have haunted cinema screens for nearly a century and they are always threatening. They represent an ancient danger to modern humans.
Join Professor Peter Hiscock as he explores the mummy films of not only Hollywood but also of British, French, and Mexican cinemas and reveals the diversity and quirkiness of the films. From Abbott and Costello to Scooby Doo, and from Boris Karloff to Christopher Lee and Arnold Vosloo, mummies have scared and shocked audiences for decades. Mummies have loomed large in the landscape of horror films, but never fear, this talk will wrap up your worries and reanimate your interest in mummy movies.


About the speaker

Peter Hiscock is a professor of archaeology at the Australian National University where he currently researches Australian prehistory and studies the public image of archaeology. His areas of expertise lie in archaeology, Aboriginal and Torres Strait archaeology, archaeology of Europe and the Mediterranean, and film, television and digital media.

Prof. Hiscock has degrees from the ANU (B.A.Hons) and the University of Queensland (PhD). He has lectured at the University of Queensland, Charles Darwin University, and Australian National University.

Event Details

12 May 2012, 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Theatre, Level 2, Queensland Museum & Sciencentre

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