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Trailblazers: Caroline Chisholm to Quentin Bryce

Feature Presentation: International Women’s Day Special Event

Cover image of Susanna De Vries' new book Trailblazers Cover image of Susanna De Vries' new book Trailblazers

Join award winning author and art historian Susanna De Vries as she highlights the journeys and successes of women over the past 100 years and details their struggles to be taken seriously in fields as diverse as politics and the arts.

Icons in their time, Susanna De Vries will reflect on the legacy left by these women and the legacies being built by those still in the public eye. 

From journalists, artists and medical professionals to politicians and Heads of State, Trailblazers is a comprehensive journal of extraordinary achievements made by women over the last century.

Marking 100 years of International Women’s Day celebrations.

Event Details

08 March 2011, 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM
Theatre, Level 2, Queensland Museum South Bank