Urab Dancers

Discover the rich culture of Poruma Island, one island of the Torres Strait, through performances by the Urab Dancers. These performances will showcase traditional dance and songs unique to Poruma Island and will include an opportunity to learn some of these dances. Be a part of this amazing performance as you experience the diversity and unique culture of the Torres Strait. The Urab Dancers are performing on Monday 20 September from 11:00am – 11:45am and 1:00pm – 1:45pm.

Urab dancers 

The Urab Dancers consist of 20 community members from Poruma Island. The majority of the dancers are enthusiastic youth people aged 21 – 28 years, accompanied by four community elders. The dancers are very passionate about preserving and promoting Poruma Island’s rich unique Ailan Kastom and culture through traditional songs and dances.

Urab dancer

The Urab Dancers will be on a dance tour to Brisbane and Canberra from Saturday 18 Sept – Friday 1 October 2010. The dance tour is part of their strategic approach in secession planning for leadership and cultural development as well as taking a positive step towards reconciliation.

Poruma Island

Poruma Island (Coconut Island) belongs to the Central Islands Group of the Torres Strait. Poruma Island is a coral cay, approximately 1.4 kilometres long with a width of about 400 metres. Nearby central islands include Iama (Yam) Island, Masig (Yorke) Island and Warraber (Sue) Island. The unique culture of Poruma Island will be showcased by the Urab Dancers.

Location map

The Urab Dancers are supported by the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (Poruma), Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) and Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV). 

Torres Strait Island Regional Council Torres Strait Regional Authority Indigenous community volunteers

Event Details

20 September 2010
Theatre, Level 2, Queensland Museum South Bank
- Places are limited.

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