Author in the Museum

Brisbane Writers Festival

The Brisbane Writers Festival Word Play program for young readers, writers and illustrators returns to Queensland Museum South Bank.

Author in the Museum explores science through the eyes of the author with two intriguing sessions:

The Science of Science Fiction

Ever wondered where writers find all their marvellous and mysterious Science Fiction facts? Join Steve Cole, Chris Morphew and Joel Gilmore as they discuss time travel, parallel worlds, extraterrestrial life and more by investigating the science of Science Fiction.

Body Oddities: The best stories are often hidden inside you

Students will experience science through the eyes of an author and journalist, Adam Taor. Be surprised, entertained, grossed out and enlightened about the dark and mysterious goings on in your innards. Above all, discover that the best stories are often hidden inside you.

Following each session, students will have the opportunity to explore objects in the Museum and get hands-on in the Sciencentre.

For booking information, program costs and other Word Play programs for grades 4 – 10, visit Word Play 2010 program.

Charges apply.

Event Details

02 September 2010 - 03 September 2010
Theatre, Level 2

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