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Medieval medicine and diet

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Join our historians as we go down the hatch with an examination of medieval food, drink and medical treatments. Learn about the ritual of the table from cooking to serving and find out what medieval menus reveal.

Free Talks

Saturday 19 March

Spice: A Medieval Journey
Follow in the footsteps of traders from the distant east to the tables of medieval Kings. Experience the riches that created empires and birthed the age of exploration.  Discover the secrets of medieval cooking and the spices that were used for a cuisine that's very different to our own.
Speaker: Andrew Fraser
Time: 12:30pm. Level 2, Theatre. Free, spaces limited.

Sunday 20 March

Surgery, Substances or Superstition: Medical practice in Medieval times
See what would happen in the 12/13th century, if you received an arrow to the stomach! Following what was written in texts at the time, see how a medieval surgeon would approach this problem, followed by a discussion on medieval medicine and surgery. This is a talk not for the faint hearted - there will be (fake) blood!
Speaker: Michelle Barton
Time: 12:30pm. Level 2, Theatre. Free, spaces limited.

Free Demonstrations

Saturday 19 March & Sunday 20 March

The Medieval feast was a shared ritual in which presentation, courtesy and gesture played an important role. Dishes reflected social status, seasons, religious practice and medical theory.
Please 'join us at the table' to gain insight into the Medieval menu and to investigate the ritual of the dining, de-coded.
Note: Food items used in this demonstration are not used for educational purposes, and not consumption.
Time: 11:00am & 2:00pm. Level 4, INVENTory. Free, drop-in session.

Image (top) Dining room scene from the Luttrell Psalter, circa 1325 (British Library)

Event Details

19 March 2016 - 20 March 2016
Level 2 Discover Queensland

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